San Francisco Mindset

The openmindness city. Here everybody is happy to share with you about their ideas, their projects or their experiences. No fear about stealing their idea. They will talk easely with you and present you new people.


If you come to San Francisco, you must go to Yosemite. Around 4 hours by car, this is an amazing natural park. Waterfall, boe, squirrel, big trees and amazing views are waiting for you there. You can do several hicks and even sleep in the Yosemite village in tent. But be carefull about the cold…

Los Angeles Road Trip

I went to Los Angeles with two friends by car. It was a long road trip but very pleasant. We came by the road 450 by night (around 8 hours) and in order to come back we took the road 101, beautiful road. By bad luck, we had a flat tire … Fortunatly we easely…

My first Meet up

The event i will talk about was an event named:  » idea to IPO » This event seemed to be very attractive, with topic about IPO, corporate finance and law. It was 20 $ for the entry, the event was localed in SOMA in a start-up. I went there with Adrien which is also an Inseec…

Lean Start Up Methodology

The tool you shoud kow about if you come here. This is a business methodoly in order to developp in the good way your start up. It Involves Pivot, minimun viable product, validated learning and lot of other technique that you could easely find throught his creator Eric Ries.


The innovative place. Any idea or projetc ? TechShop is the place where you concept come true. Everything is available for you, laser cutting, 3D printing, wood cutter …. Take a class, share with people, discover new way to acheive your entreprenership goal. Spend as much time as you need to reach your goal !…

The cable car

  Vintage but always famous and symbolistic of San Francisco, the cable must be on your to do list. Ridding the road, wind in hair, pilot sharing information. This is may be one only thing which seem to be block in the past in San Francisco.     #Cable Car #San Francisco

See Lions

Pier 39, beach street. Here they are, sleeping on dock and yelling as Tuesken Raider. You could admire they way on living, all together as if they were taking sun on beach.   #See Lions #San Francisco

Community Garden

A very peacefull place, in the north of San Francisco. If you ar looking to a place to loose your mind under the sunshine, sit in grass, this is definitly the place you should come.  

The Golden Gate

The emblematic bridge of the city. More impressive that you can imagine, you must walk on it and at least see it from your own eyes. Of course the touristic photography with the bridge it is a must do . Amazing !